My name is Mehrnaz Dehmiri,

I am a wife, a mother and a businesswoman. I am the owner of GOOD THOUGHTS CONSULTING where, as an elite success coach, I have worked with many teams and individuals, in and outside of the corporate world, improving their potential, exponentially increasing their results and building their careers, for well over 15 years.

One day, I had a major “AHA” moment and realized that my all life I was only settling for “GOOD” when in fact I always felt I was meant for “GREATNESS”!
Then, I decided to turn my life upside-down and dedicate myself to help and guide people all over the world to find their identity and their true-self using the principles found in the THINKING INTO RESULTS success system, enabling them to advance to high levels of success.

You will learn how to walk away from living an average life, find more love, earn more income, become very successful,enjoying better health and add more creativity in your life!
You will build a lovely life, bring your genius to the surface and shine your authenticity using the power of your mind to achieve your “GREATNESS”!

Your thoughts will become your reality!

You are born with infinite potential, but it’s your choice to learn the skills to success! What you think and act upon each day determines your results and path in life.
Surround yourself with people you want to become and success will follow.
I did exactly that and today I live the life of my dreams,the one I never thought is possible!
It all starts with your decision followed by a mentor with a success system, to create and maintain any lasting changes.