Thinking into results has given me a deeper understanding of who I am and what I am capable of. Through the program and Mehrnaz’s guidance I was able to gain so much confidence in my career as well as my personal life. I learned to take risks and believe in myself.  Even during the program Mehrnaz began to point out how much I was able to grow.  Since the program I have seen huge changes in my life.  I was able to reach success in my job at the time and was given a raise and offered a promotion. I since took the jump and quit my job and am now working at a job I love.  Overall, I am thankful for the positive changes that the program has made in my life and the awareness it has given me.

Miko Stagg

“Mehrnaz is a great coach and Mentor. She has a lot of Integrity and she attracts the Best!! My family and me have used her services and would absolutely recommend her. Thank you Mehrnaz for impacting and changing our lives! Once again thank you for your help!

Yasmin Tafti

Being able to understand and believe in yourself is something we are all told isn’t as important as believing and understanding others. But by having Mehrnaz in your life for 6 months you’re creating a lifetime of changes that will be better than you ever imagined. She’s helped me see the potential we all possess and how to be in control of you entire life to create abundance and happiness. It doesn’t just change you, but everyone around you and the way you affect them. You only get this one life as far as we know, so why not learn how to make it the best one? I’m so grateful for my successful career and relationships. Thank you!

Keshvar Merchant

I feel like someone’s taken my lid off! Prior to meeting Mehrnaz, almost a year ago, and going through the development journey with her I’d left my home country to the UK and spent more than 6 years studying and living there, including 5 subsequent years experiencing multiple successes here in Toronto I thought I had armed myself to be on top of my game in the new well-chosen profession of mine. I had had everything under the sun to be madly successful. All I needed was one leap to cross the stream to get to the topmost steps of my personal and professional life. I could not do that, though. No matter how determined I was. However hard I was working I never seemed to be able to conquer my desired goals. I was utterly muddled. Clearly there was a complete lack of something which I was totally unaware of, making me unable to make the move so badly needed to be the best version of myself, leaping over the stream. Until I met Mehrnaz!

I’ve been bubbling over ever since! She made me acquainted with a magical school of thought. A system. A strategy. The true blueprint to hop over. Exactly what I required and was lacking. Now, thanks to Mehrnaz and the programme she took me through I feel I’ve jumped over the stream and am on my way towards the top of the hills. So, have no hesitation whatsoever to take the course with Mehrnaz. I feel like someone’s taken my lid off!

Farid Youssefy